Candle Tilt

A large candle found too much sunlight in the westward facing window and melted to tilt at a strong angle. I printed an adaptive base that would hold the candle upright once again.

My strategy was to model the candle as intersected cylinders then subtract that from a cube as base. This was quoted as $24 for material. I then chose to shrink the cube to a small cylinder that would be hidden under the candle at most angles.

difference() { translate([0,0,-5]) cylinder(30,d=70); intersection() { rotate([0,331-1.6,0]) scale([1.2,1,1]) cylinder(60,d=82); rotate([0,357.3-1.6,0]) scale(1.4) cylinder(60,d=82); rotate([0,-1.6,0]) scale(1.4) cylinder(60,d=82); } }