Limited Edition Prints

I've found a design that I will generate and print as a numbered series. I'll take pictures and then throw away the design files leaving only the printed object as art.

Starting with #4 each print will be engraved with the print number and my signature.

The first few of these prints included a lot of sketching as I studied the look I could achieve in my chosen medium.

I developed what I now think of as a poem written in a dialect somewhere between a proof and a tweetstorm, technically an algorithm. I collected snapshots as I worked. See Making Limited Edition Prints

I was so happy with the result #1 that I commited to printing a series, each the product of the same rules, each memorably unique in every detail. I've made the slightest of improvements to the poem as I go. The last has been to include a signature and print number in the base.


These works take about a day of design, 1 minute 30 to generate, 45 minutes to triangulate, and 15 hours to print.

Starting with #3 we post movies of the assembly. Not all browser version will play these files. Try downloading.


Where have the prints gone?

  • form-1 JL Arizona
  • form-2 KH Washington
  • form-3 BF Oregon
  • form-4 Artist
  • form-5 MC Washington
  • form-6 ED Colorado
  • form-7 MM Oregon
  • form-8 RK Oregon
  • form-9 JC Catalonia
  • We continue the series with Double Digit Prints.