Solid Programmers

I often draw symbols like these in 2d with circles, squares, trapezoids shaded in gradient gray. Here I generalize these to 3d for my first original design. github view

I'm modeling with OpenSCAD, the programmers solid modeling application. site

// people cylinder(h=14,r=10, $fn=30); translate([0,0,20]) { sphere(r=10,$fs=1); }

// keyboard cube([20,20,5],true); module button (x,y) { translate([x,y,2.5]) { cube(2,true); } } button(0,-8); button(0,-5); button(0,-2); button(3,-8); button(3,-5); // monitor translate([-5,0,10])rotate([0,-110,0]) { difference() { // cabinet rotate([0,0,45]) { cylinder(9,14,7,$fn=4); } // screen translate([0,0,-2]) cube([16,17,5],true); } }

I've worked up a few more designs. I often work from photographs fitting shapes to image and then measuring dimensions with a ruler included in the image.

I am exploring modeling and fabrication of aerodynamic parts for a friends homebuilt aircraft. pdf


Collected assets for this page.