Spatula Hanger

Grill brush and spatula hangers compared. Only one fits the grill.

We replaced our outdoor gas grill with a top-rated Webber model assembled and delivered. But the plastic utensil hooks are too large for our spatula. We'll print an adapter that clips in and hooks easily.

I identify two small circular holes and one large in the spatula handle. I'll print a plate with cylinders that mate with these and have a small overhang above that will allow the plate to clip on.

I'll extend the plate with a loop appropriately large to hang nicely on the grill.

// HEIGHT 370

It was hard to locate the holes with calipers so I estimated and made a test print which was some fraction of a millimeter off in both x and y. I canceled out the error and add the remaining features.

Adapter installed.

The second print looked right but didn't snap on with a positive feel. Worse, the loop was not vertically large enough to fit over the plastic reinforcements of the grill hooks. Tip: measure more and print less.

The loop also looks insubstantial. Maybe the next print can match the outer arc and build to an overlapping thickness.

The third print used 3× more aggressive overhang (0.6 mm) which was hard to snap on but equally hard to knock off. I had to bend the plate 30° installing and finish the job squeezing with pliers.



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