Spiral Jewelry

I have a fresh spool of plastic in my printer and am itching to make things that are just fun to have. I'm looking for some interesting randomness, something regularly irregular.

My first design was derivative from the sample program illustrating openSCAD's random number generator.

n = 15; r = rands(0,360,n+2,4999); for(i=[0:n-1]) rotate(360*i/n) translate([15,0,0]) rotate([r[i],r[i+1],r[i+2]]) cube(8,true);

This didn't print well because the sharp points had to hold up the plastic while the first layers printed. Elevated supports helped some but the first and last layers were too small to be attractive.

//scad.fed.wiki/assets/viewstl/viewstl.html?stl=http://scad.fed.wiki/assets/spiral-jewelry/spiral.stl HEIGHT 370

I considered rounding edges but thought just lopping the points off might be an interesting effect. I had been intending to print a spiral of these but instead just printed six of the same design and stacked them.