Camera Clamp

I moved my raspberry pi cat cam to get a better view of both cats feeding. When I used just a rubber band to attach it to a floor lamp it would twist out of vertical. I made this clamp to hold it straight.

See Camera Clamp 2 for revised version.

I designed a tray to hold the camera and clamp to the lamp post with everything held in place with a rubber band.

// HEIGHT 370

Production delayed six hours because printer Version Update Won't Finish. Tech support replies on Sunday.

The design coded nicely in OpenSCAD except for the final shaping which didn't render the difference of differences until triangulated.

w = 36; h = 77; t = 10; module base () { translate([0,0,0]) cube([w+6,h+6,t],true); } module slot (x,y) { d = 15; l = 1.2*t; translate([x*(w-d), y*(w-d), -l/2]) cylinder(h=l,r=4, $fn=30); } module slots () { slot(+1,+1); slot(+1,-1); slot(-1,+1); slot(-1,-1); } module recess () { translate([0,0,8]) cube ([w,h,10],true); } module shaft () { d = 12.5; l = 1.2*h; translate([0,l/2,2-d/2]) rotate([90,0,0]) cylinder(h=l,r=d/2,$fn=90); } module shape () { d = 1.39*w; l = 1.2*h; translate([0,l/2,.36*d]) rotate([90,0,0]) cylinder(h=l,r=d/2,$fn=90); } difference () { difference () { base(); slots(); recess(); shaft(); } difference () { base(); shape(); } }

Features like through holes create ambiguous surfaces when sized without overlap. I'm pleased with my new convention of scaling by 1.2 which is a number I will recognize in this role.