Solid CAD Designs

I've developed an interest in 3d cad design. These are some of my projects in various stages of completion.

Note: Chrome can't render 3d. Try Firefox.


Solid Programmers document my first original designs.

Tablet Clamp for bedtime podcasts.

Microphone Hinge replacement part.


Diffusion Aggregation where a 2d process goes 3d.

Limited Edition Prints where I dare call my work art.

Camera Clamp for straighter pictures.

Zipper Pull for my cycling jacket.

Track Coupler for Brio toy train.

Manfrotto Adapter for iPhone, etc.

Spatula Hanger to mate with new grill.

Rack Bracket for quick-release loads.

Spiral Jewelry and trinkets.

iPad Stand for sensor dashboard.

Pillbox of perfect dimensions.


Candle Tilt to correct a deformation.

Trailer Hitch that fits where stock part didn't.

Tree Parts to make branching structures.


Radar Chart as possible visualization


Fowl Ball Stand for this weird keepsake

Scale Comb checking dimensional accuracy

Garden Light Bouquet for a long afterlife.


Puzzle Cube in three parts.